7 Steps to Get Featured on Hot Podcasts (11-5-2022 Live Webinar)

Nakia Evans, Coach | Leader | Speaker
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If you have a message you’re deeply passionate about, a story you’d love to share or unique expertise others truly need to know about, read on…  

It’s Time to Get Your Voice & Message Out There–And Grow Your Business, Too! 

Want to learn how to become a spectacular podcast guest, so you can expand your reach and convert loyal listeners into real life clients? This is for you… 

You have everything it takes to be a highly successful coach, consultant or other business owner. 

You’re a burgeoning expert in your field, an (almost) authority in your sphere and you know you have a unique story and incredibly valuable insights to share. 
But you also know you want to reach more people, faster–preferably without laboring on Instagram or Facebook or TiKToK all day. 

Whether you’re looking to grow your audience because it simply isn’t as large as you’d like or isn’t translating into actual sales… 

…or because you’re about to launch a hot new course, program or training and want to make sure everyone it could possibly help actually hears about it.. 
..or even because you’re simply looking to pump up your credibility in your space, share your story with fresh ears (and help more people!) or maybe even explore a brand new niche… 

…good news: there IS a way to increase your visibility and credibility, super quickly. 

Say hello to the podcast! 

From copywriting to true crime and astrology to relationships, there’s a podcast out there for everyone. For entrepreneurs, podcasts are pretty much the holy grail: They’re an incredible, no-cost vehicle for building your brand and reaching a wider audience than you could ever reach alone (yep, even with a killer IG feed or thousands of likes on TiKToK!). 

According to Edison Research, podcast listeners have increased from 21%-24% year after year–and given the times we live in, that number’s only likely to keep growing. 

Research also shows the average podcast listener is affluent and educated–aka exactly the type of person you’d like to score as a customer or client. 

Not to mention, podcasts are portable. They can be consumed almost immediately, from anywhere. People can literally listen to your unique story & message from the comfort of their car or their kitchen! 

And while the written word is definitely powerful, the truth is, hearing your actual voice is 10x more impactful. 


When people can hear the inflection & passion in your voice as you tell your story and drop your knowledge bombs, they get to connect with the real, authentic you–and way faster, too. 

But here’s the deal: You don’t have to create your own podcast or spend years pitching podcast hosts that don’t respond (or turn you down!) to cultivate this type of reach & deep connection! 

It’s Not Hard to Get Featured on The World’s Best Podcasts –Once You Know How to Do It! 

Truth time: There are literally thousands of podcasts already out there, with millions of listeners–and a whole bunch of them are interested in exactly what you do. 

Just imagine if you took all that energy you’re currently pouring into your Instagram (or insert-your-favorite-marketing-channel here) and instead focused on learning the skills you need to get booked on already-popular podcasts so you can tap into the endless treasure trove of potential ideal clients that already exists… 
…without investing in a single piece of expensive podcast equipment–I’m looking at you, Blue Snowball mic!), or spending months creating episodes and nurturing your own podcast audience. (Seriously, who has the time?!) 

When you know how to choose & pitch the right podcasts and show up on interview day the right way, you can get an OMG YES from even the most popular podcasts and access to thousands of loyal fans who already know, like and trust your host–and by association, you. 

There’s literally never been a simpler way to connect with a seemingly endless pool of potential clients-to-be! 

But what do you do if you don’t have direct contacts with the people who produce these podcasts? How on earth do you get hold of them and get them interested in you and your story? 
That’s where I come in. 
If you’re ready to start crafting the perfect podcast pitches, build confidence in your speaking skills and how you articulate your expertise and become a wildly magnetic podcast guest that’ll have listeners trawling the web to find out more about you and your services, this is for you. 


7 Steps To Get Featured on Hot Podcasts 

This value-packed training is designed to help you become the most-wanted podcast guest in your field, rock your podcast pitches & build confidence in sharing your story, message & expertise with an audience. 

You’ll learn…. 

  • How to frame your unique story in a compelling & relatable way that’ll instantly get listeners thinking of as “person of interest” that you are 
  • How to get on the inside–aka interviewed!–on your favorite podcasts (even if that sounds like a pipe dream right now!) 
  • Exactly what to do before and during every single interview to become the most interesting, influential, irresistible guest you can be 
  • How to build your brand, boost your visibility and create instant trust with your host’s audience–and how to make the host look fabulous (and trustworthy) in the process 
  • How to create a crisp, clean soundbite with inexpensive audio equipment in a DIY home studio (soundbites are crucial–and I’m giving you the insider secrets!) 
  • How to craft an impeccable podcast pitch –PLUS a BONUS template that’ll help you clearly articulate exactly why you’re the perfect guest!  
  • And so much more! 

Sound good? 

Podcasts aren’t going anywhere, and learning how to land spots on the most coveted pods in your niche is a skill that certainly won’t be going out of style anytime soon.  
Once you dig into and start implementing the content in this training, you’ll have all the skills you need at our fingertips to pitch–and land–a spot on practically any podcast you want. (Plus, these skills will easily translate into other areas of your business–yep, even TiKToK!) 

And let’s be real: Podcast hosts NEEDS good guests. They’re literally seeking out people just like you who can speak eloquently & confidently in their area of expertise and/or share a compelling, interesting story with their audiences. 
Learning how to become that irresistible podcast guest (and making sure the host knows it!), is a win-win for both of you. 

Professional podcasters have spent a copious amount of time, effort and cold hard cash to build their platforms; platforms that cater to the exact people you need to reach to grow your client base. 

So… what are you waiting for?  
It’s time to start getting booked on podcasts & become a noteworthy, quote-worthy guest expert! 

Sign up here for our Live webinar on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 8am ET hosted by Nakia Evans.

 Registration includes live & recorded session and eBook planner.


  • Registration includes live & recorded session and eBook planner.

  • Registration includes live & recorded session and eBook planner.
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7 Steps to Get Featured on Hot Podcasts (11-5-2022 Live Webinar)

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