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Nakia Evans, Coach | Leader | Speaker
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Successful entrepreneurs will often measure, quantify, and track their progress in various ways. Each little measurement provides feedback. It offers a signal of whether they are making progress or need to change course. Let’s track your goals, numbers, to do list, mood and notes daily.

Daily tracking is powerful for two reasons.

  1. It is motivating to see the progress you are making. You don't want to break your streak.

  2. It feels satisfying to record your success in the moment and to be able to reflect back.

Download this tracker, use it with GoodNotes or print multiple copies to use daily.

  • Free PDF copy of the Simple Daily Tracker

  • Size
    235 KB
  • Length
    1 page
  • Free PDF copy of the Simple Daily Tracker
  • Size235 KB
  • Length1 page
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Simple Daily Tracker

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