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Daily Affirmations: Opportunities keep coming my way….

Opportunities keep coming my way. Wonderful possibilities surround me. I take risks and seek out opportunities. I spot the potential benefits that lie within my hardships and struggles. I turn losses into gains. If I lose my job, I can find a more satisfying position. If my heart is broken, I can develop a healthier relationship with a new partner. I know that each ending is also a beginning. I create my own opportunities. I am willing to work for what I want. I invest my time, talents, and effort into turning any circumstances to my advantage. I expand my mind. I read books and talk with others from different backgrounds. I ask questions and try to understand unfamiliar viewpoints. I strengthen my body. I go to the gym or workout at home. I sample different fruits and vegetables at the local farmer's market or food co-op. I connect with others. I spend time with my loved ones and reach out to make new friends. I strike up conversations with strangers at the airport and join in discussions online. I advance my career. I sign up for additional training at work and ask someone to mentor me in areas where I want to grow. I join committees to study employee benefits or conserve energy. I gain insights through meditation and prayer. I find a spiritual community where I feel supported, and go on retreats that give me time for reflection. Today, I focus on possibilities. I recognize the opportunities that lie before me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the relationship between change and opportunity?

2. How does helping others multiply my opportunities?

3. What am I doing to prepare myself to take advantage of my next opportunity?


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