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How Being A Supportive Friend Benefits You


Being a supportive friend is important, but you also know that it isn't always easy to support those around you. So why do it? Well, the more supportive of a friend you are, the more powerful your bonds will be. Not to be selfish, but it will likelybenefit you in the long run.


Your Relationship Will Be Strengthened


Throughout your lifetime, you will likely have many friendships come and go as time goes by. If you meet a friend you'd like to keep in your life, you must supportthem. When you are supportive, it will help strengthen your friendship and make it more likely that the friend you are supportive of will remain in your life for the long term. You will both grow closer, and the bond will be tougher to break. 


They Will Support You Back


One of the most critical benefits of being a supportive friend is that the friend you are supporting will be more likely to support you in tough times. This is because no one likes a selfish individual, so you can't just expect your friends to support you when you never lift a finger to help them in their time of need. And this doesn't just apply to times of need. You must support your friends' achievements in life so that they will be there to celebrate yours with you. 


You Will Live Longer


This sounds crazy and far-fetched, right? It's not. One study posted in Time Magazine found that humans who lived in isolation from others lived shorter lives than those who lived a life filled with friends' companionship. If you aren't a supportive friend, then it's unlikely you will maintain many relationships. If this is the case, there is more of a chance you will end up alone living a life of isolation—which may lead to your life being shorter than if you had chosen to support your friends.




Sometimes it can be difficult to support your friends, especially if they achievesomething you wish you could achieve. But supporting friends is critical because it helps maintain the relationship and increases the likelihood that you will get the support you require when you need it. Either way, having friends helps you live a longer and happier life. So, what are you waiting for? Start supporting your friends and enjoy the possibility of a longer life today!


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